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Bumble is a location-based social application that facilitates communication between interested users. In heterosexual matches, only female users can make the first contact with matched male users, while in same-sex matches either person can send a message first.Users can sign up using their phone number or Facebook profile, and have options of searching for romantic matches or, in "BFF mode", friends. Bumble Bizz facilitates business communications. Bumble was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd shortly after she left Tinder, a dating app she co-founded, due to growing tensions with other company executives. Wolfe Herd has described Bumble as a "feminist dating app". As of September 2019, with a monthly user base of 5 million, Bumble is the second-most popular dating app in the U.S. after Tinder. According to a June 2016 survey, 46.2% of its users are female. According to Forbes, the company is valued at more than $1 billion, and has over 55 million users.

Lee shared in a review "Hundred and hundreds of fake profiles. Foolish site that lures you in because they want to sell your photos for facial recognition. Reported underage girls, and Bumble took too long to take action. They say women must write first. What a joke. You'll never get more than a Hi. Closed account with this waste of time site."


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Neil O'Shea says

"Avoid. If offered a bad matching service and charged me five fees when none should have been charged.
I accepted the free short term membership but they went ahead and charged me five times which is fraud.
Their customer service refused to answer direct questions or offer refunds. After two weeks I got two payments refunded but they no longer answer my emails. They are a cheap set up targeting and exploiting lonely hearts.
Tinder is far superior and honest.."

Stephen Henderson says

"Only use if you're into forced sex by white supremacists"

Katherine Rowe says

"Wouldn’t even give it one star everybody is old older and oldest not looking for an old man at all"

Madison says

"There is absolutely no customer support from bumble, I contacted them so many times, with no response.
Also you get matches, and when you mail them you never get replies. Or there are no actual people to swipe on for days.
I didnt have too much of a bad experiance, until deleting my google account, and not being on google. I do think they just want you to be on google."

Sue says

"Awful site! Auto-renew with no warning, and then an "oh, sorry, in the fine print it said we would renew until you cancel..." Yeah, no. And, the "profiles"!! - a picture is not a profile. All dating sites exist so the creators make money, but add some substance! Don't waste your time or money!"

Kevin Rinsma says

"Bumbles auto renewal will not inform you and they have a zero refund policy so pass them by and save the crappy experience I have come to learn from these scammers
Compared to sites such as POF/Mate1(Edate) you will see just a tiny fraction of singles using this service.
Like a lot of singles we live in smaller communities and may have no nearby members at all.
I have read quite a few poor reviews since my just tonight response from Bumble and must agree that You need to avoid these scammers"

customer says

"Was signed up for a 1 day boost and then canceled. The next day I found I had been charged again. I contacted support and they immediately terminated my boost perks but refused to refund me. Absolute scam. Hope the $3 was worth all the 1-star reviews and a report to the BBB."

Duncan says

"I paid for a 1 day membership, dispute cancelling time and time again the app still withdrew £2.49 every day off me for over a month.

There's no way of claiming the money back.

Total scam."

M J says

"Bumble used to be totally unrestricted. There was no daily swipe limit and you could see on your messages screen when someone had swiped on you, so swiping continually to match with that person was highly addictive and good fun.

Since then, it's all changed. There is now a daily swipe limit which is lower than Tinder's, and for some reason it resets every 24 hours instead of the 12 that most people are used to. That's just too long and totally switches people off.

In my experience it is also becoming harder and harder to match with people. The same profile (same bio, same pics etc.) on Tinder is easily 30-50% more successful than on Bumble.

You now have to pay for upgrades to do just about anything on this app, which on Tinder you don't. Tinder's upgrades are also cheaper.

Not worth the hassle. A "proper" dating site represents much better value for money and I personally have had more success on those."

Andrew Green says

"Any 5 star reviews are put here by the app owner, just look further down here at all the genuine 1 star reviews!
As a male customer who subscribed for £15 at first it seems okay but you are in for a bad shock. After a few days, when you’ve started some conversations, you’ll open the app and your heart will sink when you read “account blocked”. I have always been polite with people so this was quite a surprise!
I got an auto email saying “you’ve been blocked” then further down the email it reads.... “we’ve received several reports about your profile being fake”.
I’m not fake, I’m a genuine 32yo male trying out online dating. The customer service team have zero understanding for your situation and only send you an automated unhelpful response.
Then the penny dropped.... after reading about this happening to many other Bumble users (male & female) on here and via Facebook, I can only conclude this app is a con as you must pay another £15 to continue speaking to people you’ve previously been talking to. This app has an unfair strategy to maximise revenue from each customer, best to avoid."

AM says

"Total Thieves! Awful app offering very few matches. Paid for Bumble Boost, offered very few matches and those they did offer were 30+ miles away, so I froze my account and deleted the app. Six months later I realise they have stored my debit card details and are taking £44 every three months without my authorisation for a deactivated account. They refuse to refund me even though they can see from my login data that my account is dormant and has been for half a year. Disgusting attitude towards their customers. Not a service I will ever be recommending or using again. Stick to Hinge if you want to use dating apps. Don't touch Bumble! Certainly don't pay for Bumble Boost as it offers very little for the money and is all but impossible to get out of when you realise this."

Danny says

"Bumble is a complete waste of time and money. A Scam really, I live in city of 1,5 million and there is only few people on it
It is a money making App first and foremost. Save your money, time and emotions! I regret paying for 1months."

mary says

"They lie to you in the app: "you have 33 likes -- convert to premium to see them. Converted? Here are your 2 likes. Enjoy"!"

DMG says

"Nothing, but a fake and phony liberal feminazi dating-site out of liberal Austin, TX. Reeks of sugar-babies and past their prime ugly divorced loser whores!!! Plus plenty of scam-spam to go around... Big waste of time unless just in need of and want a laugh or two... 'DUCK-YUCK' LOL!!!"

Penney Holder says

"Terrible Terrible Terrible!! I was so stressed! Paid to be stressed!!! I’m an idiot! DO NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY ON APP.. NEW TO TOWN Thought meet friends!! IT IS ALL FAKE!"

Thomas Joseph Van Valkenburgh says

"The app gives zero incentive for males. You can't even message women you are interested in unless they message you first. The app is very expensive and full of incredibly pretentious people."

Pritesh says

"Customer service fairly automated and terrible.

Despite spending tons of money on all the extra features zero matches.

I get a lot of matches on Tinder, so it's strange that i get nothing on Bumble.

E-mailed them and they won't accept any responsibility no refunds and ignore some of your questions on email."

Matt says

"Bumble you are delusional and the marketing is run by Satan's little helpers. I find it shameful that bumble continues to lie in their advertising and it just doesn't work but if you don't believe me then try it for yourself because you won't find what you are looking for by downloading this app."

Mark Brooking says

"Bumble is a complete waste of time and money. A Scam really, as it is designed NOT to match people, rather keep them looking and paying! It is a money making App first and foremost. Save your money, time and emotions! I regret paying for 3 months."

Matthew Murray says

"Hiding behind their fine print, they give you one typical response: the auto-renew box was ticked. Don't fall for a trap! If you're looking for a legit site,
is quite trustworthy. They really stand apart from all this dating scam and fraud because they have genuine profiles. Bumble basically provide no service. Most of their profiles are fakes and shills - just a bait and switch. That's why nobody wants to renew their membership. But Bumble doesn't care if you want to renew it or not. They just keep the cash flowing!"

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